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Since 1980 the Family Child Learning Center (FCLC) has been helping families and their young children. The Family Child Learning Center is a research and training program binary options trading in india located in Tallmadge, Ohio that is committed to developing, evaluating and disseminating innovative services for young children with developmental disabilities and their families. FCLC is sponsored by Akron Children's Hospital  in conjunction with Kent State University. The Family Child Learning Center is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of children with developmental concerns and their families through:

  • providing family-centered developmental services;
  • offering applied interdisciplinary training to parents,
    students and professionals to work with families and children;
  • conducting research on the effectiveness of practices and service models for promoting the development of young children;
  • disseminating information binary option trading in india regarding quality practices for addressing the needs of young children with developmental concerns and their families;
  • collaborating with related organizations and the early intervention system to encourage continuous improvement in services to families and children;
  • and creating opportunities for the growth and development of all staff.

The Family Child Learning Center (FCLC) includes a staff of approximately 50 full and part time professionals binary options trading india and parents. This staff is engaged in several activities designed to address the multifaceted mission of this center.

The Family Child Learning Center is sponsored by:

Family Child Learning Center 143 Northwest Avenue, Building A, Tallmadge, Ohio 44278
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