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Early Intervention Services at the Family Child Learning Center

What is it?
The Family Child Learning Center offers family-centered early intervention services for young children with developmental problems and their families. Individual and group services are implemented by teams consisting of early intervention professionals and graduate students from Kent State University. These services help parents and other caregivers use Responsive Instruction to promote their children's learning and social-emotional well-being in their natural environment. Services provided at FCLC include:
  • Individualized Family Service Planning (IFSP)
  • Service Coordination
  • Individual Parent/Child Intervention Sessions
  • Infant/Toddler Play Groups
  • Comprehensive Play-Based Developmental Assessments may include a developmental pediatrician as part of the team
  • Family Information and Support
Who is eligible?
Children under age three who have been identified as having developmental delays/disabilities and their families.
What does it cost?
Services are provided at no cost to families.
How do I apply?
For further information contact Maggie Collins at (330) 633-2055 or via E-mail at mcsonka@kent.edu

ďAs a parent of a child with a disability, you are always questioning yourself. My questions have been answered, sometimes without my even having to ask. I feel much more secure about the decisions Iím making because of FCLC.Ē Kelly, parent of Adam.


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